Welcome to the Dragon Spirit Circle

You’re invited to join the Dragon Spirit Circle, an hour of magical manifesting, to create with intention, align with your soul’s calling and express your brilliance.

Join the Dragon Spirit Circle from anywhere in the world…

In this online gathering, you’ll access your Dragon Spirit—that voice within that craves adventure and excitement and also knows the most expansive answers to your deepest question. Get out of your head and connect with your soul to clear blocks and release the negative emotions that stop you from moving forward. The Dragon Spirit Circle is a place where ideas are born and seeds of intention are planted. Nurture your mind, body, heart, soul and creative spirit.

Next Circle Happening on the Snow Moon

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang are the most basic elements that form the Universe. Yin represents the feminine and yang the masculine. Yin is internal, yang is external. In order to realize your fullest potential, yin and yang must be in balance and harmony.

The moon is yin, and when it is at its fullest, this is the height of its yang cycle. What an amazing time to connect with your yin-ternal guidance and get ready to manifest for the days ahead!

The Dragon Spirit Circle meets on the next full moon on February 9th via Zoom at 10 AM Pacific time. Come join us for an hour of magical manifesting to:

  • Know you’re on the right track and the Universe is fully supporting you: get a new secret activation word each month to guide you until the next full moon. You’ll see signs that the Universe has got your back and is illuminating your path
  • Turbocharge your productivity and manifesting powers by having fun, playing and creating through the Magical Manifesting FUNsheet
  • Quiet your mind to hear the wisdom of your heart and souland feel the passion, fire and energy of YOUR Dragon Spirit

Join the Dragon Spirit Circle live or listen to the recording when its convenient for you. The recording will be available within 24 hours of the live session.

Next Dragon Spirit Circle:

  • February 9, 2020, 10 AM Pacific Time

Join Today:

  1. Get a one-time access pass to the live event and recording for only $25
    >> CLICK HERE to join the next Circle gathering on February 9th, 2019

Please note your transaction will be processed through my online learning center for ChineseFootReflexology.com. This helps me keep costs low so that the Dragon Spirit Circle is accessible to as many people as possible. Plus, one system cuts my workload in half!


1. What if I can’t attend live? Can I still get the recording?

Yes, when you get your access pass in advance—even if you can’t join live, you’ll get access to the recording, which is posted within 24 hours of the live session.

2. What is Dragon Spirit?

Dragon Spirit is the voice within the craves adventure, growth and exploration. It also knows the most expansive answers to your most pressing questions. Some may call it intuition, connection with the Universe or God, or your highest guidance. When you enter the Dragon Spirit Space, the mind is quiet and you can hear the wisdom of your soul.

3. What do I need to join live?

You will need an Internet connection to participate. Access is via Zoom, a popular meeting app used by Fortune 500 companies for its stability and great features. It works on most computers, phones and tablets. Click here to download Zoom. You can also join the Zoom webinar with most popular browsers, but there will be less features available to you.

4. Since it’s a webinar, do I have to speak, participate, or yikes, let people see me on video?

You are most welcome to stay silent and observe in the background. Participation is not required, but the more energy you invest and the braver you are, the greater the benefit is for your personal growth. By default, the Zoom webinar will set your video camera and microphone to “off”.