76:) 3 Ways to Better Hear Your Dragon Spirit

It’s easier to follow your soul’s calling when you listen to your Dragon Spirit. But how do you hear your Dragon Spirit when there’s a lot of chatter going on in your mind? Tune in to this episode for three different, yet very powerful ways to better hear your Dragon Spirit. You’ll take away nuts and bolts practical advice to hear your inner guidance.

75:) What Is YOUR Soul Calling?

Practical advice on uncovering what your soul calling is. If you’ve been feeling called to follow your heart and soul, but you have no clue what you’re supposed to be doing, tune in to this episode for a simple next step to get clarity for following your soul’s calling.

074:) A Reminder to Listen to Your Heart’s Song

Intellectually we know to do this, but in practicality and in reality, we often forget. It’s easy to slip back into the habit of choosing from your head instead of your heart. In this podcast episode, you’ll learn how to spot some simple indicators that will let you know whether you’ve been making too many head choices versus heart choices.

Tune in to this episode to remember to choose from your authentic self.

072:) Everything Is One: Connecting with the Element of Water

The most abundant and essential element of life is water. When we hear the word “water,” so many free flow associations come to mind. However, we usually overlook the most important one. This oversight is a reflection of how we fail to see ourselves and our true nature. 

Tune in to this episode to reconnect with your true nature and understand that everything is one. There is no separation between the oceans and land. There is no separation between you and another. All is one. 

So what’s the point of realizing and experiencing this? How about inner peace? And a reminder that world peace arises from inner peace.

71:) Connecting with the Element of Metal to Relax Into Your True Nature of Flow

Tune in to this episode to know when you should be persisting and when you are simply resisting. You’ll learn how to recognize when persistence is blocking you, and when it’s helping you face fears and assist your growth and expansion.

Discover how to balance the element of metal within your nature, so that metal’s characteristics of persistence and determination are in balance. Get unstuck by letting go of being stubborn, dogmatic, and digging in your heels. You’ll feel lighter, more flexible, and relax into your true nature with a focus on moving forward with ease and flow.

070:) Connecting with the Element of Wood to Let Go of Control and Surrender Into the Flow of Life

Did you know that tension in your body shows you where you’re trying to control your life? But control is just an illusion. 

In this episode, we’ll connect with the natural element of wood for a special lesson from the trees about the power of surrender and going with the flow. 

The element of wood is associated with the Liver, and the Liver is associated with the smooth flow of qi throughout your body. How easily you allow the flow of life is a reflection of how easily the qi flows through your body. Discover what it means to have tightness in your jaw, face, back, forehead, belly, shoulders and more.

Learn how going against your true nature manifests in the world you see, and how you can be in harmony with your true nature to bring forth harmony for humanity and nature.

Everything that we manifest and see in this world is an opportunity for growth and expansion and to change things. even when it seems darkest and heaviest. This is an opportunity for your light to shine most brightly.

Listen to this podcast to tune in to your true nature so that you save time and get more done with less effort.

069:) Connecting with Fire to Manifest Your Dreams and Desires

In this episode, you’ll learn why you shouldn’t keep your passions and dreams secret. You’ll also discover a simple solution if you’re surrounded by naysayers who want to hold you back. There’s a simple and non-confrontational way to do this. 

After listening to this podcast, you’ll feel energized, and full of life, light, and vitality. Turbocharge your manifesting powers by lighting the fire for your dreams and desires.

068:) Connecting with Earth Energy for Calm and Grounding

Feel calmer and grounded after tuning in to this week’s podcast episode. You’ll gain a new appreciation for your physical form, and discover how the physical is connected to Earth and spirituality. 

You’ll also practice a simple grounding exercise that will reveal a simple, yet astonishing message from the Earth. Learn how to plant and nurture seeds that will grow into the physical realization of your dreams and desires. After listening to this episode, you’ll feel calmer, more connected and grounded.