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The Holly Tse Show: Express Your Brilliance with Ease and Flow is for world changers and future world changers. Whether you’re trailblazing at the speed of light or facing a crossroads and wondering, “What’s next?”, discover how to follow your soul’s calling and express your brilliance with ease and flow.

We’ll take the “woo woo” out of the clouds and show you how to apply it to real life for effortless action and uncovering what’s next. Tune in for messages from your heart and soul, and realize your full potential.


021:) Three Breaths to Rejuvenate Your Vitality

Boost your qi and rejuvenate your vitality with a simple Three Breaths breathing technique. Discover a powerful yet simple technique to calm the body, align the heart and mind, and also recharge your qi, your life force energy. You can use this breathing technique as a quick pick-me-up during the day. It’s a great opportunity …

020:) Be in Control or Be a Free Spirit? Which Is Better for Expressing Your Brilliance?

Is it better to be organized, set goals and have a game plan for expressing your brilliance? Or is it better to be free-spirited, follow the whims of your heart and go with the flow? Whether you see yourself as a structured person or as a bohemian, listen to this podcast to come away with …