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The Holly Tse Show: Express Your Brilliance with Ease and Flow is for world changers and future world changers. Whether you’re trailblazing at the speed of light or facing a crossroads and wondering, “What’s next?”, discover how to follow your soul’s calling and express your brilliance with ease and flow.

We’ll take the “woo woo” out of the clouds and show you how to apply it to real life for effortless action and uncovering what’s next. Tune in for messages from your heart and soul, and realize your full potential.


Episode 025:) Healing Generations of Trauma – How to Clear and Release Inherited Suffering That Holds You Back from Fully Expressing Your Brilliance

Do you ever have feelings that don’t make sense? Logically, there’s no reason to feel this fear/anxiety/stress. You can’t figure out why you’re feeling it, how to get rid of it, or how to stop it from holding you back in life. What if it’s not your emotion, but one that you inherited at a …

Episode 24:) Access the True Power of Words – Not Another Podcast on Positive Affirmations

You already know words are powerful. Your thoughts and feelings create your reality. Yada yada, you know that. So what could you possibly discover about the power of words that you don’t already know? There’s a sneaky bad habit that most of us are unconscious of. We barely register that we do it. It’s convention. …

Episode 023:) Wishing Well – Manifesting Your Highest Intentions by Aligning Your Vibration with the Universe

Hey, it’s time to make a wish, and you can make as many as you’d like! Discover the power of co-creating with thousands of other listeners as you tune in to this episode of The Holly Tse Show. In this episode, you’ll connect with a metaphysical wishing well to create the world you want to …