12:) Meditation for Ease and Flow in Your Body and Life

Here’s a meditation for more ease and flow in your entire body. It’s especially helpful if you hold tension and stress, or experience pain anywhere in your body. A new twist on meditating, where the focus is on creating ease and flow in your body that expands into your life. You’ll see how the body …

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9:) Follow Your Passion: How to Clear the Biggest Block That Stops You from Following Your Passions

Photo by Justin Luebke on Unsplash

Thinking of switching careers, starting a business, heading in a new direction? Are you at a point of transition in your life, but something’s stopping you from moving forward? Tune in to this episode to remove the biggest block that stops you from following your passions.

3:) Stillness.

Finding stillness by realizing it’s always there surrounding you.    P.S. Over the next few months, I’ll be adding many more videos to YouTube. Don’t miss out on any of these transformational videos: Subscribe to my YouTube channel today!